Health and Safety


We at J. Provost Contracting Ltd., operate machinery while performing tasks requested of us by our vendors.  We are implementing new concepts and ideas on a daily basis, and take pride in our work ethics.


The safety of the employee shall be the primary responsibility in the undertaking of any task. There can be no compromise with the health and safety of any employee.


To achieve this objective J. Provost Contracting Ltd. shall ensure safety procedures and safe work practices are in place and in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and its Regulations and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.


J. Provost Contracting Ltd., and their contractors, have a responsibility to ensure that all persons working under their direction understand and follow established safety procedures. Safety rules and procedures will be enforced.


All J. Provost Contracting Ltd., personnel, contractors, sub-contractors and their employees must understand that they have a responsibility to follow safety procedures, maintain a safe work area and report hazardous conditions and unsafe practices immediately.


J. Provost Contacting Ltd. believes that acceptance and practice of these basic safety principles by management, contractors, sub-contractors and all employees will assure the success of our safety program.



Joseph Provost



J. Provost Contracting Ltd.